Hi, I'm Jenn de la Vega.

I'm a private chef, caterer, food stylist and community manager based in Brooklyn, NY. 

I love talking about food experiences, new technology and teaching people how to cook. If you have a questions or want to work with me, please get in touch!

The term “randwiches” or random sandwiches was coined by two employees at Etsy, who were some of my first clients. I don't exclusively make sandwiches, but the whimsical nature of the unexpected and educational food experience is what I'm all about. Randwiches is supported in part by Awesome Food, a chapter of the Awesome Foundation


One Thousand Birds

One Thousand Birds

Roquette Catering

Roquette Catering

Put A Egg On It

Put A Egg On It

Previous Clients

Ben Stanton & Lucy Mackinnon

Ben Stanton & Lucy Mackinnon

Y'all Collective

Y'all Collective

Peggy Guggenheim Alumni Association

Peggy Guggenheim Alumni Association

Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swiss Miss

Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swiss Miss

Special Thanks....

Angela Workoff, Dylan Garret, Emily Hanhan, Jeff Stockton


Awards & Events

2015 Brooklyn Lobster Takedown (Judge's Honorable Mention) - LOB GNARLEYS

2015 Brooklyn Soup Takedown (Judge's Honorable Mention) - Nanay's Arroz Caldo

2014 Brooklyn Chili Takedown (2nd Place, People's Choice) - THE SMOKEMONSTER

TIME Top 30 Tumblrs to Follow in 2013

Mashable's Tumblr Starter Kit

Awesome Food, 2012 Microgrant

Daily Candy 28 Great NYC Sandwiches

Thrillist "They Send You a Random Sandwich"

Certified in Food Protection, City of New York

2013 Prosperity Productions Holiday Party

2013 The Brooklyn Bacon Takedown - Bacon Shumai with smoked soy sauce

2013 Brooklyn Chili Takedown -"Biscuits and Gravy" Chili

2013 Brooklyn Meatball Takedown - "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Pasta"

2013 Brunchy Hour at Project Parlor

2012 Project Parlor Summer BBQ Competition (1st place, Grill Master Champion) 

2012 Brodestarter Launch Party

2012 Just Food / Good Food Jobs Faire with Kitchen Surfing

2012 Lost Horizon Night Market (Fairy God Deli truck) 

2011 Bacon Takedown (First place, People’s Choice) - Bacon Peanut Curry Nacho 

2011 Chile Pepper - Chocolate Takedown (Contender) - Handmade longaniza with chocolate rice

2011 Darrenkamping 4.0 Pig Roast - Whole Roast Pernil, Pulled Pork Cubans, Bourbon & Coke Shoulder Roast, Chicarrones

2011 Project Parlor Summer BBQ Championship (6th place, award of distinction)

2011 DaPantz “Uptown, Baby!” Record Release Party 

2010 Prosperity Productions Holiday Party 

2010 Project Parlor Summer BBQ Championship (Finalists, 2nd place overall)

2010 NY Food Film Grits Takedown - “Miso Gritty”

2010 Brooklyn Lamb Takedown (3rd Place)- “Wham! Bam! Thank You Lamb!”

2009 Brooklyn Chili Takedown - “Geri Haliwell, you know Ginger Spice?”

2009 Brooklyn Chili Takedown - “Lucky #7: Cocoa Coriander Chili”

2008 The Young and Hungry Launch Party