Randwiches, At Your Service.

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Photo by Kelly Sweda

Photo by Kelly Sweda


My style of catering is collaborative, casual and fun. If you love food as much as I do, you can trust that I will find a way to make it happen. From weddings to office lunches, random sandwiches and craft services, I can prep onsite or coordinate drop off.

One of my bucket list items is to be a summer camp cook, so if you’re hosting a retreat or outdoor event, I want to come! My fees include event insurance, beer and wine permitting, staffing and transport.

If you’d like to explore options and get a quote, please fill out my inquiry form.



I’ve been a technology copywriter for over 4 years with a specialty in how-to guides. From social copy to fully fleshed out print features, I’d love to continue building my portfolio. If you have a wacky theme or idea, I’m here to tackle it.If you’re a blogger and just need another set of eyes, we can trade for it!

Photo by S.F. Keough

Photo by S.F. Keough


Are you writing a book? I have a fully equipped kitchen to test your recipes. I’m open to any cuisine as long as it doesn’t have coconut (I’m allergic!). Email me about your book, rates and testing deadlines.



After competing in amateur cooking competitions for over 10 years, I've become a judge for The Takedowns in chili, bacon, ice cream, breakfast, and meatball categories as well as the Sofi Awards (Specialty Food Association) in savory snacks, oils, marinades, bbq sauces, cookies, and salad dressings.

I'm able to create / follow tasting rubrics and deliberate fairly with a practiced palate. Get in touch if you need someone to help tabulate results and judge your competition.



I’m in search of spaces around the world to host a variety of pop ups. I have my NYC food handler’s license and am happy to insure the event.

  • Outdoor cookout to promote my cookbook Showdown

  • Filipino “PIG ROAST” pork belly themed dinner

  • Filipino “TAPAS NIGHT” - 10 course dining experience

Send me hot tips and introductions to spaces.



I want to come to your town! My cookbook Showdown: Comfort Food, Chili & BBQ is at all Barnes and Noble stores and select independent booksellers (search for one near you on Indie Bound). Beyond a typical reading, my signings are multimedia with GIFs, music playlists as well as a prepared snack from the book. I’ve had great fun answering community questions about cooking and fixing dishes that go wrong. Click the button below if your local bookstore carries Showdown and would like to host.

If your local shop doesn’t carry Showdown yet, they simply need to request it from Page Street Publishing.



I can come to your home or place of work and teach up to 10 people about knife skills and food safety; pickling, beginner, intermediate and advanced cheese pairings; or a dish of your choice (depending if I know how to make it!).

And if I don’t know how to make something, we can learn together if you buy the ingredients. 



  • Previous clients: Wine Enthusiast, Page Street Publishing,

Need someone to make your food look pretty? I styled my own cookbook and my latest work appeared in Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Fees include sourcing, props, transport, and clean-up.

Do you need another set of hands to chop carrots? I have my own knife set, cutting boards and aprons to jump right in. Hit the button below to send me your needs, budget and timeline.

If you’re a photographer and would like to trade photos for meals, I’d love to collaborate to build both of our portfolios. 



  • Campaign strategy for food, independent games and entertainment industries only.

  • Specialty in live-tweeting, Twitter chats and live video comment moderation.

  • On the ground live event coverage with GIFs, Instagram or Twitter.

Does your brand need someone to document or live tweet an event in New York City? Are you starting a Twitter or Instagram account from scratch? Need help putting together your Kickstarter campaign?

For an hourly rate, I can help you build a list of action items, research and potential partnerships you can pursue.