Upcoming Showdown Events

11/6/2018 - Midterm Election Party, 6pm-12am (Brooklyn, NY)


6/2/2017 - Word Book Store signing, 7-9pm (Brooklyn, NY)

6/23/2017 - BlogHer: Improve your video skills & production value panel (Orlando, FL)

6/24/2017 - Barnes & Noble book signing, 1-4pm (Palmdale, CA)

6/25/2017 - Sagebrush Cafe burger pop up, (Quartz Hill, CA)

7/1/2017 - Social Media for Foodies workshop, 2-4pm (Montclair, CA)

7/1/2017 -  Barnes & Noble book signing, 4:30pm-6:30pm (Montclair, CA)

7/6/2017 - Green Apple Books signing, 7pm-8:30pm (San Francisco, CA)

7/22/2017 - Project Parlor BBQ (Brooklyn, NY)

8/10/2017 - Word Book Store, 7:30pm-8:30pm (Jersey City, NJ)

8/12/2017 - Put A Egg On It dinner, 7pm-10pm (Brooklyn, NY)

8/19/2017 - Signing at Darrenkamp's Willow Valley, 12pm-2pm (Lancaster, PA)

8/26/2017 - COA Summer Tea, 1-3pm (Long Beach, CA)

9/22/2017 - The Last Bookstore, 7-9pm (Los Angeles, CA)

11/1/2017 - Smart Hustle Small Business Conference (New York, NY)

2/9/2018 - MoMA PS 1 x Bubble T Lunar New Year (Long Island City, NY)

2/12/2018 - Project Parlor Chili Pop Up: THE SMOKEMONSTER (Brooklyn, NY)

2/19/2018 - Project Parlor Chili Pop Up: Dirty South (Brooklyn, NY)

2/26/2018 - Project Parlor Pop Up: Nanay's Arroz Caldo (Brooklyn, NY)

2/25/2018 - IACP 2018 Conference: Author tabling for Showdown, 10:30am-11am (New York, NY)

3/31/2018 - Meatball Madness pop up at Project Parlor, 5-9pm (Brooklyn, NY)

4/27/2018 - Birthmonth Bacon Bacchanal at Project Parlor, 6-10pm (Brooklyn, NY

7/14/2018 - Happy Family Night Market (Brooklyn, NY)

7/18/2018 - Project Parlor Brisket Pop Up, 6-11pm (Brooklyn, NY)

7/19/2018 - Local Roots Summer Shakedown (Brooklyn, NY)

7/22/2018 - Project Parlor Taco Pop Up, 3-9pm (Brooklyn, NY

8/11/2018 - Project Parlor Ribs Pop Up, 3-9pm (Brooklyn, NY)

8/15/2018 - Project Parlor Nacho Pop Up, 3-9pm (Brooklyn, NY)

8/23/2018 MASARAP: Opening Party, 6:30pm to 10:30pm

8/25/2018 MASARAP: Indie Game Night, 7pm to 10pm

8/26/2018 MASARAP: Board Game Nigh, 6pm to 10pm

8/31/2018 MASARAP: Comfort Food Roundtable & Potluck, 7pm to 10pm

9/1/2018 MASARAP: Sutukil Dinner, 6pm to 7:30pm

9/2/2018 MASARAP: Closing Party & Kamayan

9/19/2018 NYAAF Taco or Beer Challenge, 7pm-10pm (Brooklyn, NY)

9/16/2018 - Go Folk Yourself at Project Parlor 3pm-9pm (Brooklyn, NY)

9/23/2018 - Project Parlor Brunch Pop Up, 2pm-5pm (Brooklyn, NY)

9/20/2018 - Invest in Your Idea with Kickstarter x Ladies Get Paid

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ About Showdown Comfort Food


AUTHOR: Jenn de la Vega

PUBLISHER: Page Street Publishing, distributed by MacMillan. Member of  1% for the Planet.  1% of sales go to environment charities each year.

DESCRIPTIONIf ever there was a cookbook on a particular food from a certain region, most people would associate competition-worthy barbecue from a Southern chef. Chef and caterer Jenn de la Vega is out to change your mind about that. Known on the competition circuit and for her blog, Randwiches, Jenn creates uniquely flavorful and approachable barbecue.

Make eccentric, yet mouth-watering barbecue with or without a smoker, including the specialty side dishes, sauces and pickles that go along with them. This competition cook goes one step further to provide recipes for what to do with the leftovers, too. This book has 100 recipes and 60 photos.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jenn de la Vega is community manager at Flipboard, editor-at-large of Put A Egg On It: Tasty Zine! and runs Randwiches, an award-winning experimental food blog and catering service. Jenn loves talking about food situations, digital art and technology. She has appeared on Guy’s Grocery Games on Food Network and ChefShock with Justin Warner on Twitch.


PRESS CONTACT: Aimee Bianca, aimee@ycmedia.com

EVENT CONTACT: Jenn de la Vega, randwiches@gmail.com


Fancy Words about Showdown

“Jenn is the kind of author who makes you feel like you are winning just because you have the privilege of reading her text. Compound that with the fact that you can cook her food... and you feel like a leprechaun mounted on a gilded unicorn somehow snowboarding down a rainbow with an edible pot of gold, or chili, awaiting you at the final destination.” — Justin Warner, Food Network Judge & author of "The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them."

"These cravetastique, flavorful recipes are making me salivate! Jenn is a consummate expert in the field of crave-able dishes and this book is chock full of them. I can randomly open it to any page, make that dish, and then feel satisfied from head-to-toe.”— Lisa Q. Fetterman, CEO and Founder of Nomiku, Bestselling Author of "Sous Vide at Home"

"I'm a big fan of Jenn de la Vega's food and have enjoyed cheering her on for years. Her genuine enthusiasm for making and sharing food is undeniable – if it's all about how you play the game, Jenn is constantly winning.” —Adam J. Kurtz, bestselling artist & author of “Pick Me Up”

"Jenn's approach to cooking is a source of inspiration; she has the ability to spin comfort food classics and elevate them into something totally new. Additionally, her recipes are easy to follow, and include classic techniques that are simplified for the home cook. Whether you are just learning to cook, or have been at it for years, this book has something for everyone!”— Molly Adams, Senior Food Editor of The FeedFeed