Celebrating 10 Years of Kickstarter

My very first Kickstarter project had nothing to do with food. In 2013, I was the publicist (and boom operator) for Minecraft: The Story of Mojang documentary. My friends at 2 Player Productions were responsible for documenting a lot of the chip music scene around the world and I went along for the ride when they decided to document how video games were made. Their first project was ambitious: head to Stockholm to meet with Notch as he formed his first company around the runaway hit Minecraft. We couldn’t have produced this film without the generous backing of our community through Kickstarter.

From then, I made it a habit to support creators through what little money I had to spare and at the very least, a kind, encouraging word.

Since my stint as a Creator in Residence last year, I’ve kept the Kickstarter family very close through cooking. I was thrilled when I was asked to make a surprise lunch for their 10th anniversary.

This menu is so so special to me. It’s the result of many years of testing, honing and tasting.

Kickstarter 10th Anniversary Menu:
Adobo pulled pork
Lexington bbq tempeh
Bourbon cherry ribs
Smoked mushroom and cabbage
Wasabi and black sesame potato salad
Potato rolls
Rice and bean stuffed poblanos
Carolina bbq sauce
Kansas City bbq sauce
Spicy bananacue sauce

I was also very moved when I found out that Kickstarter made 10th anniversary commemorative pins inspired by my Eggcentennial project.

Photos by Filip Wolak for Kickstarter.

If you have questions about running a Kickstarter project, hit me up!

All of the menu items are available for your next event. Fill out my inquiry form to get started.

How to Live a BRANDLESS Life

I got to help out BRANDLESS with a few short tutorial videos. These four videos showcase products that you can get on their website for just $3.

Did you know you can use a cheese grater for more things than just cheese? Grate lime zest, carrots and chocolate (maybe not at the same time).

Roasted chick peas are not only good for you, but a great side dish, add-on to salad or a snack.

Vegan whipped cream? You read that correctly. Use the leftover can liquid from garbanzo beans (look at us being sustainable!), which is called aquafaba. It acts just like egg whites. You whip it up and plop it on whatever your want.

Care packages aren’t just from moms to college students. Packed everything up nicely and don’t forget to decorate.