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I have my certificate in Food Protection for the State of New York but do not have my own venue space for your event. 


  • December 2019 small parties in Manhattan or Brooklyn

  • January 2020 small parties in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Bay Area

  • 2020 Weddings (please inquire about your location!)

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DD/MM/YYYY - City, State, Country
We can be flexible about mixing and matching service, but this gives us an idea of how many people we might need to staff.
Our team is best for as small as 4 or as large as 100.
Where will this event take place? Does it have a kitchen, or outdoor grill?
Think of what you'd like to spend per person and let us know your TOTAL target budget.
Are you celebrating something? Are there allergies or diets? Is there a theme? Do you want servers or bartenders? Is there a must-have dish?
Our specialty is pulled pork.
We work with Emily Hanhan and can refer you to a custom cake bakery.